DMB Data
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Migrating To DMB Data


New customers will be provided with a questionnaire with all the details we need to "fit in" to your existing network or replace your existing gateway.

On receipt of the information and signed order, a senior engineer will reach out to your technical resource to ensure we plan the implementation around your business needs and availability.

Our Implementation plan will then be shared and approved, this is where we provide true quality, all our plans include the following steps:

Step 1 - A description of the migration
Step 2 - Tests to be done and any back up preparation steps to be taken before the cut-over
Step 3 - The change process is documented step by step
Step 4 - Post installation steps - here we test the line and speeds as well as ask you, the client, to test your connectivity, to ensure you are 100% operational.
Step 5 - In the event of any issues with the migration (almost unheard of), a back up plan will be ready to be followed.

It is this detail to attention, and our strict adherence to process and systems that will ensure this will be the smoothest migration you have ever experienced!